Relax Costa Azul Hotel GHL

The GHL Relax Costa Azul Hotel,, just 5 minutes from Simón Bolivar Airport, is located in the southern tourist corridor. In the hotel you can enjoy a magnificent stay, with direct access to the beach, outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, private parking, Wi-Fi internet, room service, free local calls, business center, among other outstanding services.

Hotel insurance service: During the stay, the hotel insurance covers hotel and food expenses for convalescence for up to 15 days in case of a positive Covid19 ruling, medical assistance in case of illness or accident, home medical care, transfers to medical centers, compensation for accidental death and transfer of mortal remains, also includes protection in case of qualified theft inside and outside the hotel on public roads. Applies according to insured limits per coverage.
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"Seek hotel, with great amenities, rooms are confortable, quite big, and well equiped. "

Type of trip: Couple
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Just 5 minutes from Simón Bolívar airport, it is located in the tourist corridor of the south.

Km19 vía ciénaga Santa Marta, Colombia
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Relax Costa Azul Hotel GHL Santa Marta
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